Wednesday, 28 September 2011

LGB Rugen option 2...

Yesterday I introduced Option 1, today I present the Px48 bash...

The Polish designed Px48, designed in 1948 (hence the designation apparently) were also sold to Romania, the CFR. It is these Romanian examples with small 4 wheel tender that have inspired the second Rugens kit bash idea.

This model is much more significant undertaking with major chance of destroying a wonderful LGB model - the well tank needs totally removing potentially leaving some of the motion support-less. Beyond that the cab will be removed and a new one fabricated along with tender. On the body the well tank is replaced with a higher running board.

The 0-8-0 tender engine might make more sense though for the EJ&KLR, in the sense that to increase tractive effort with increasing traffic after the war, especially timber, the railway needed new equipment. 0-6-0s were not powerful enough without being too heavy. An 0-8-0T would need big tanks and coal bunker and be too heavy for the lightly constructed bridges - the tender locomotive, despite it's increase in size reducing the capacity of the small run round loops offers the best of both worlds.

What do you think? Does Option 1, or 2 do it for you?

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  1. Being a tank loco man myself, I prefer the tank engine option from the appearance point of view, but I like the logic behind the tender version! The tender version does look quite nice though...