Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A couple of Polish books...

My interest in the Romanian built Faur Lxd2 and Lyd2 has led me to try and find out more about the widespread narrow gauge lines across Poland.

These pair of books, both soft back, the smaller a pocket sized, soft cover atlas and the larger, an A5 sized journal, were sourced via and Peter at Bohemia Hobbies. Excellent customer service! 

The atlas contains a wealth of information and network drawings, the journal a spread of articles. The photos and diagrams are well reproduced and the only drawback for me is the Polish text as I don't speak a word, yet! 

I must mention the photo on the back cover of the atlas with a Lxd2 on a sugar beet train which I find very enticing to model with my G scale version!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Kof in primer...

Tonight I've applied the first coat of Halfords plastic primer to the LGB Liliput Kof Davenport bash!

It's hi-lighted a few areas needing more smoothing before I add a second coat but it's great to see it as you always get a good feel for the finished model.