Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Narrow gauge diesel comparison...

As the Blauturm (www.blauturm.de) kit for the L45H/Lxd2 nears completion I've pondered if I'll ever do another big diesel. Whilst researching the Lxd2 and comparing it with the OBB 2095, I have also stumbled upon another pair of diesels I quite like, both very different in character, power and use...

The L45H was built in big numbers in Romania and found use across Poland, Romania and to a lesser extent Hungary and Bosnia. A number are now in use on the German and Austrian 750/760mm gauge lines to suplement their steam hauled trains.

The 2095 were built specifically for the OBB - and are capable of quite a turn of speed. One traction motor on each bogie and side rods to improve tractive effort. Now a number are still in use with private operators since the OBB sold off it's narrow gauge lines.

The T47 is a Czech locomotive, used across all of the narrow gauge lines for mixed trains. It had a guard/goods compartment so that they could dispense with seperate vans, and often a train was just the T47 and a single coach.

The Mk48 is a Hungarian locomotive that was used initially on the state owned narrow gauge lines. As these closed they were bought by some of the forestry lines.

I'd like both - but there are currently no kits for either locomotive. The T47 is probably a bit too difficult  to scratchbuild - but the Mk48 would be quite straight forward.


  1. Hi, I just stumbled upon this article. I have seen Mk48 models made by Hungarian modelers in G scale. If you are still interested I can look around. I remember seeing pictures and videos on a G scale forum, but I can't find it now.

  2. I'd love to see what you can find :)

  3. The TU 47 can be bought in the Czech Rep as a brass kit..