Sunday, 31 March 2013

Lyd2 idea in Spur IIm (G scale)...

The LGB HF130C diesel is massively over scale compared with the other items in the range. However the chassis could definitely be used for another project...

After building the Lxd2 last year I have fancied doing another big Eastern European narrow gauge diesel, and although far from perfect it is a possible use, similar in style to LGB rubber ruler designs. A body would be fairly easy to fabricate in plasticard and the lighting could be reused, along with details like the buffers and wipers. Hmm a long slow burn project though I imagine!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Piko Railbus bash - silver bullet...

Slow but steady progress now on the Piko Railbus bash, and with the cold but dry weather tonight I risked airbrushing the silver onto the body.

I used my usual B&Q premium masking tape, cut on a glass picture frame with a knife and steel rule to prepare the V stripes at each end.

The Humbrol silver paint was lightly thinned and airbrushed surprisingly well. In this light the finish looks blotchy but that will disappear as it is only a variation in the gloss finish, a I will apply satin varnish after I apply the transfers and paint the door handles and buffers.

I also have painted the roof of the LGB/Liliput diesel bash silver as well.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Railbus blue stripe...

It seems to have been an age but in a drive to get myself out of my modelling dip I've reinvigorated the railbus project.

I got a new airbrush to replace my old worn out one at Christmas so put that to good use spraying Humbrol 221 (Satin Garter Blue) along the sole bars and nose. I will mask the V stripe on each nose before spraying the body in silver.

I also took delivery of another set if transfers from Precision Labels. John printed these from artwork I prepared, excellent finish and quick turn around as usual! Notice the black transfers, aimed at the railbus, and the Syldavian duck logo from Tintin, which will make appearances on selected EJ&KLR rolling stock in the present refurb cycle!