Thursday, 9 August 2012

Evening sunshine and day dreaming...

A cold glass of white wine, since drunk, and a good book, in this case the Keith Chester volume on the Bosnian Narrow Gauge are certainly helping me make the most of this beautiful evening on holiday!

A lot of my line's rolling stock could quite easily pass for Bosnian, but as yet I don't really have a suitably liveried (i.e all black with cast number and line plates) locomotive.


  1. Having just spent a few minutes catching up on your posts, you've been very busy here... how do you manage it with a very-youngster around. Superb work btw. That's really a growing fleet you have there. I love the Blauturm! Great colour! well done with the masking. Looks very good!
    Keep up the good work.... Jon

  2. Thanks Jon - I'm bloomin' pleased with the Faur yes, it's a lovely kit and really impressive when you see it in the flesh, although far from 'finescale'. I have got an 009 etched brass kit on the go too - well etched Nickel Silver - but I think that will get restarted again over the winter. I've got the railbus rebuild started now too - and some rolling stock projects planned in the large scale to keep me busy :) It's just a case of finding the time to work on them between everything else. I'm quite lucky in that I can leave quite a lot of stuff out on my bench when I'm not working on it.

  3. good to see you're keeping busy and thanks for your comments on my entries over on RMW... the 47 photo is still on my Napier Lane sidings, which was inspired by your Paxton Road sidings. Do you still do anything in the 4mm ... or has that slipped by now?
    I'll make sure i keep upto date with your work