Sunday, 26 August 2012

Branch line running on the EJ&KLR...

Un-forecast good weather this afternoon meant I dug out a few things to form a branchline train and spent a very pleasant afternoon watching trains run round whilst chatting to Mum and feeding my 12 week old baby boy his afternoon milk.

August on the EJ&KLR

Blauturm Faur Lxd2 in the garden...

I've uploaded the better shots of the Blauturm Lxd2 kit out in the garden. These show the excellent model with an LGB 2095 diesel, and an Austrian bogie coach, and prove what an excellent job Rene has done in balancing the proportions so the result is very believable, but in scale with the other LGB items of stock that we all run.

If you compare these to the 'Narrow Gauge Diesel' blog entry then you'll see that it's not far off, although it should be a little lower in roof line, but this comprimise works better, visually, with the LGB stock.

After some more testing today (photos soon) I've brought it back home to finish it off - we're on the home straight now, and I'm really excited to get it finished.

Lxd2 in the garden

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Mocked up Faur passenger turn...

I also dug out an LGB Austrian bogie coach to check the size with the Faur, a good size, and the subdued faded colours look complementary.

Faur Lxd2 vs OBB 2095

I thought people might be interested to see the Blauturm Lxd2 compared to the LGB OBB 2095 diesel. Very similar in size!

Station fencing fitted...

My brother got me a pack of the Pola 'garden fencing' for my birthday earlier this month. Today I fitted it to Alisendorf. I drilled holes on every post and glued a brass pin in to act as an anchor. We'll see how it survives being permanently outside over the coming weeks.

It works!

Yes it works!!!

Friday, 24 August 2012

The etched plates have landed...

I received a very exciting email from Steve at tonight - my etched nickel silver plates for the Faur (and for the EJ&KLR Schoema) have come back from the etchers!

They look incredible! He's going to paint and finish them before sending them over. The only very slight downer is the Faur builders plates are too large. I originally scaled them from drawings, as I'd not built the kit at the stage I ordered them, I should have checked when Steve drew the artwork up, but I just assumed they'd be right... they're about 2mm too long (checking the step dimensions vs the dimensions I gave Steve) so I'll try and file off the raised border before fitting them. A shame, I will also enquire as if to Steve is etching any more Nickel Silver this year, and if so I'll get another set made smaller.

I have also test wired the motors, pickups and sound chip in the Faur, and given it a tentative test run on my OO controller. All seems well, so I'll give it a proper test on the EJ&KLR this weekend!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Bahn Im Bild 74

I've got myself another Bahn Im Bild, this time No. 74 'Schmalspurbahnen in Karnten'. It's a photo album in the usual Bahn Im Bild style, all black and white photos from the 1950s to 1960s on two of the lesser known narrow gauge lines in Austria, the Gurktalbahn and the Vellachtalbahn.

Some lovely shots of trains in the landscape, as well as plenty of roll-wagen action! Just the spur on I need with the garden line again...

Monday, 20 August 2012

Slow and steady...

More slow progress on the Blauturm Lxd2, the door handles are fitted and painted silver now and all the black detail painting is done. I've just got the touching up of red, yellow and grey before it's ready for a bit more assembly and then satin varnish.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Blauturm Lxd2 interior...

As I continue to make slow but steady progress on the finishing of the Blauturm ( Lxd2 kit I have made some good progress on the cab interior. I have used some of the stickers provided to add the dials and switches to the bulk heads. I had considered making my own but life is too short and these look 80% right and even from close viewing, once there is a driver and glazing there will be a good balance I think.

I have also painted the armrests (blue) and the control stands, before using a black pen to pick out some of the dial details. I'm really pleased.

What you can't see is on the body all the handrails, windscreen wipers and cab window rubber surrounds are painted. Next up is touching up the red, grey and yellow, before moving on to the handles, and then the chassis detail painting.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Another transporter project?

I'm slowly assembling the bits for another transporter project. More soon!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Evening sunshine and day dreaming...

A cold glass of white wine, since drunk, and a good book, in this case the Keith Chester volume on the Bosnian Narrow Gauge are certainly helping me make the most of this beautiful evening on holiday!

A lot of my line's rolling stock could quite easily pass for Bosnian, but as yet I don't really have a suitably liveried (i.e all black with cast number and line plates) locomotive.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Blauturm detail painting...

Just a snap shot of progress on the Blauturm ( Faur L45H/Lxd2 kit as I move on from the main painting into detail painting. The idea is to get this and fitting the door handles sorted in the next phase, before a satin varnish and assembly and wiring. More soon!

Blauturm flush glazing...

Rene from Blauturm has milled some special one off flush glazing for the Lxd2 kit, the original kit glazing was not going to be much use as I'd added so much extra cab detail.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Relaxing evening...

Mostly a wet day today, and I'm tired from looking after the kids all week - so what better way to finish things off then with a cold beer and some trains in the garden...

Evening pick up goods