Sunday, 26 August 2012

Blauturm Faur Lxd2 in the garden...

I've uploaded the better shots of the Blauturm Lxd2 kit out in the garden. These show the excellent model with an LGB 2095 diesel, and an Austrian bogie coach, and prove what an excellent job Rene has done in balancing the proportions so the result is very believable, but in scale with the other LGB items of stock that we all run.

If you compare these to the 'Narrow Gauge Diesel' blog entry then you'll see that it's not far off, although it should be a little lower in roof line, but this comprimise works better, visually, with the LGB stock.

After some more testing today (photos soon) I've brought it back home to finish it off - we're on the home straight now, and I'm really excited to get it finished.

Lxd2 in the garden

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