Monday, 2 July 2012

Blauturm ready for primer?

My order from Eileen's Emporium arrived today...

Specifically here, the 1.6mm diameter brass wire, and the Slaters Microstrip assortment pack, both put to good use in finishing off the bodywork on the Lxd2. Why have I replaced some of the supplied handrails? Well they were formed from steel, and incredibly hard to re-form. The small ones at the front and back of the cab were too small, the ones either side of the nose were missing and the ones at the front top of the bonnet were too big, and protruded too much from the nose of the locomotive. I had these shaped up easily in brass and fitted within half an hour, and saved Rene sending me some replacements over from Germany :)

I then used a bit of the Microstrip, as I didn't know which size I would need I got the assorted pack, to fill the gap between the roof side panels and the main roof, this has tidied it up really nicely.

I've just got the roof fan mesh and ring to fit before priming I think - I need to measure up where the body side strip sits before deciding if the handles on the doors can be fitted prior to painting.

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