Monday, 23 July 2012

Blauturm Lxd2 masked...

Well a tedious but rewarding hour and a half spent tonight cutting and applying masking tape to the Blauturm L45H/Lxd2 this evening.

I always use B&Q Premium Grade tape, and cut it to the right size using a scalpel and steel ruler. You stick the tape to a sheet of glass which means you get a nice sharp neat cut. I use an old clip frame for this, although tonight I could have done with one a touch bigger, however the shorter pieces were probably easier to handle.

To prove I've done a decent job here is a snap of each end so you can see they're even and the same height both sides. I started on one can side, worked down the short hood to the nose, then the same the other side, added the V pieces and then moved on to the long hood.

I also have done the chassis buffer beam stripes. All ready for a coat of Humbrol Matt 100 tomorrow night, I'm very excited!

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