Sunday, 30 October 2011

Varnish disaster...

Warning to all... Don't use Humbrol varnish for acrylic and hobby sprays over Humbrol enamel or Microscale Microsol residue as evidenced by the issues with blooming and whitening in the finish below!

After initial anger and stress I've since calmed down. I've ordered some more paint, another set of transfers and some Humbrol Satin Cote, a high quality modelling varnish to finish them properly next time!


  1. No need to redo it, just run a 'wash' of dirty brown/black in Isocol alcohol (a couple of drops of paint in a thimble full of alcohol)over the entire model. That will kill the flaws and give you a nice 'slightly weathered' look. More details of the technique in some of the older posts on my blog.

  2. Thanks James - if this was smaller scales I'd definitely just disguise it with weathering but the problem with running outdoors is that direct sunlight always hi-lights the flaws in your finish and weathering doesn't disguise them. Therefore I'm going to repaint this time - it's the right, if frustrating, decision in the long run.