Friday, 6 April 2012

Faur L45H (Lxd2) joins the EJ&KLR...

Well only a week or so ago I was day dreaming of giving the EJ&K a more East European feel, and today, the deed was done and I have ordered one of the excellent kits from German manufacturer Blauturm - fantastic value at £600 delivered.

I suspect the renewed enthusiasm in no small part is due to my new book on the Bosnian narrow gauge. I know my Rugen 0-8-0WT is a completely different prototype, but whilst most see North East German narrow gauge, I see shades of the Krauss 0-8-2 Class 83s, and the Skoda 0-10-0s of the JZ.

So is the EJ&KLR shifting from an Austrian setting? No I don't think so, more a twist in it's history to allow me to run some Romanian/Polish inspired rolling stock amongst the usual LGB bash and repaints. In fact my roll-wagen, steel bodied brake (current project) and modern 1980s era repaints (the van and bogie coach) will be perfect to run behind the Faur.

This is what I find most enticing, overgrown, slightly run down looking and faded. Just crying out to be modelled... Although I expect my G-scale endeavours may be a little more pristine! The kit is styrene so will need to be kept indoors out of the sun when not in use, but looks robust enough for regular running. It's powered by a pair of USA trains motor blocks. I will look into fitting lighting and a sound unit to do the model justice, especially as it will be a truly unique model - perhaps the only one in this scale in the UK?


  1. Faur looking good - really nice paint finish..

  2. Hi Chris - the one shown in this post is the one from the Blauturm website - mine is still in the bare plastic, we're getting there but I've deviated from the kit and am building a decent cab interior :) Mine will be finished in the Polish livery shown in the prototype photo here :)