Saturday, 12 February 2011

Open sesame, shed doors started...

Yup I've made the first cut...

Well quite a few actually, I've based these on the design of the shed doors of Garsten on the Steyrtalbahn.

They're made from outdoor polystyrene, with 60thou plasticard used sliced into 7mm planks for the interior bracing. The plank detail is scribes on both sides. Superglued construction, hopefully robust enough for a few years. I've since added top and bottom bolt detail. Colour will be brown.

The side doors can also be seen, but not started. These are also based on Garsten with a window in the top third split into three vertical panes. Think I'll scribe these, mask the window and then add the panes when it's all dry with the bow pen.

None of these will be working. One of the side doors will be closed, the other ajar, and the front ones will be fixed open, with Araldite, when they're finished.

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