Monday, 21 February 2011

Version 10 as plans evolve...

In addition to being a lovely day out, with over 5 hours sat on a train together it gave Mum and I chance to discuss the garden railway plans. I shared my ideas and thoughts so far, however Mum started to reflect perhaps we should re-consider, and if we're doing this at all, do it properly, without compromises.

My little brother is keen to have a bridge somewhere in the scheme, and that coupled with inspiration by the H&MGR in New Zealand, along with a lifting of the cost constraint has sent the creative mind into overdrive. I was initially very worried about building in a gradient, and still am about the physical building, but in terms of planning, the Railmodeller software allows you to set a % and height gain and it calculates the height of each end piece of track. Perfect planning software...

Expect to see a few iterations of this scheme over the coming weeks!

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