Sunday, 6 February 2011

Prototype for everything? Even LGB'isms?

Whilst browsing G-scale Central I came across this old thread relating to the LGB U-tank 0-6-2, a model of an Austrian prototype that goes back to the mid 1970s. Many versions have been produced over the years (mine is one of the last of the German made examples) but the model is about 1:22 in most dimensions. However the Stainz and starter set coaches are a little larger - closer to 1:20 - so the squat cab roof of the U-tank was altered by LGB on later models.

We think this was to match the other stock but perhaps there is a prototype for everything and LGB had seen this U-tank. I can't tell from the text where exactly it is but I believe the locomotive is preserved in Slovenia. It clearly has a taller cab that is much more in proportion to the LGB model! So perhaps all LGB are guilty of after all, is applying inconsistent liveries to the model rather than a gross alteration in the cab design!

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