Thursday, 20 January 2011

The U-class arrives...

You might have spotted it in my previous post, behind the workmen but I've acquired an LGB U-class 0-6-2 tank, something I've always wanted, and a locomotive as my tribute to my father.

She's not TOO big and negotiates R1 curves, 30cm tank to cab back and 33cm coupling to coupling.

The model is a characature of the original, the cab is high to match the LGB carriages which ride higher than the prototypes. However it is beautifully proportioned in my eye, and the prototype 298.56 is preserved in Austria.

Next to the Stainz you can see the increase in length, but it still looks good atop my Zillertal coaches... I do feel another rolling stock project coming on though, to create some olive-green with silver roofed OBB carriages!

I should get a chance to run her tomorrow when I'm in Chester, registering my father's death. A happy moment in an otherwise sad day I hope.

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