Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Roll-wagen project...

Well with the Rugens project 'on ice' and a long winter ahead of me I've got around to planning the next 'Austrian' inspired creation. This time I'm looking at building a roll-wagen - a wagon that's sole purpose is to transport a standard gauge wagon over narrow gauge rails. So in G scale, say 1:20/1:22, 45mm is about 3ft (rather than the 760mm in Austria), and standard gauge is about 64mm for the sake of argument.

That means constructing a low riding flat car, basically two beams with two small wheeled bogies within it. I intend to just use a standard LGB model on the roll-wagen, as I suspect that a full size scale standard gauge wagon, despite being accurate, would look a bit silly - but I can do that in the future. The good news is 64mm wheelsets will JUST fit inside the LGB axleboxes without fouling - and as this standard gauge wagon won't need to move that's perfect.

The first photo shows a set of roll-wagens on the right - and a steel-bodied re-built brake van on the left (this van will be my next LGB bash - but that's a more involved job as I need to source a 2 axle standard chassis, an Austrian outline bogie coach roof and some glazing units from the steel bodied DR style bogie combine). The picture, I believe, is taken on the Waldviertalbahn in the north east of Austria - a line that made substantial use of the roll-wagen throughout it's OBB history. The StLB and Zillertalbahn still use them heavily today as well.

Below that is the beginning of sketched notes as I develop my plans for how to construct something 'workable' for the garden. I've started a thread about it on G-scale Central here... http://www.gscalecentral.co.uk/f/m176004.aspx

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