Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Skip the primer...

On reflection, I figured I could skip the primer so long as I built up the finish in thin multiple costs on the Rugens. Therefore tonight, after fitting the rivets to the front of the roof hatch, I applied Humbrol satin black thinned a little more than usual with my airbrush.


  1. It's been a while since I looked in James. The loco looks very nice, a real workhorse by the look of it. Nice work too. Glad you got away without the primer... well why not, I never used to prime 'plane models in the old days... and they always came out ok... looks good! Glad the work's progressing even in the depths of Winter.

  2. Jon - thanks for popping in! Yes I've got back from a few days away and she still looks good, and I'll get a second coat on this week. This one is a nice simple 'detail and renumber' job - definitely a work horse and not too pretty, although I do like her rugged charm.

    The Deltic build is supreme - I've enjoyed reading about that - but sad to report that my mojo for the Class 66 project didn't last long. I'm currently wondering about doing an 009 kit though over the winter... something Lynton and Barnstable from Backwoods Miniatures so watch this space.