Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Going east...

My interest in Austrian and German narrow gauge extends to other Eastern European countries as well, and I've had a thing about the Romanian built Faur L45H diesel hydraulics for about 6 months. Toying with the idea of using one in HOe, I'd never considered scratchbuilding in G-scale.

However, I discovered that a German chap by the name of Rene has produced a kit!

The prototype were built in vast quantities from the late 1960s through to the mid 1980s. They were supplied to Romania and Poland, with a smaller number also finding their way to Hungary. A lot of them have been scrapped and sold following the widespread closures of these narrow gauge lines across Eastern Europe, a fact which has meant they have sprung up in Austria and Germany as the ideal diesel standby locomotive for a lot of 750/760mm narrow gauge lines.

The kit is a complete offering built around USA trains power bogies and is largely styrene that has been milled to represent the pressed steel doors along the bodyside of the original. At about £600 it's not cheap, but the quality looks fantastic.

Obviously I wondered how big the locomotive was in comparison to my Austrian LGB models so produced this mock up showing the relative size to the 2095 diesel. If I do take the plunge I'll be modelling an example in EJ&KLR colours, inspired by the Polish livery with a white (rather than yellow) stripe, but body coloured skirts. It would then be an interesting and unique engine that could be at home with my modern EJ&KLR train (bogie coach, modern van, steel bodied brake and the roll-wagen). Watch this space...

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