Saturday, 31 March 2012

Two old books...

I have a thing about old books...
Especially those about narrow gauge railways. In recent times I've collected a few German language examples, mainly for their unique and specific Austrian content. However last week I stumbled upon a review for a book published in 1955, titled 'The End Of The Line', a lovely rambling, flamboyant and artfully written book about travelling across Europe sampling narrow gauge and light railways. I found a cheap copy at Batterdale Books, so ordered a copy. At the same time I found another interesting title 'Narrow Gauge Raillways Of Europe', another book with a conversational style about travelling and enjoying lines across the continent in the late 1950s (although perhaps a little more illustrated then 'The End Of The Line').

Both great reads for a relaxing afternoon in an armchair in the sunshine.

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