Saturday, 24 March 2012

Plotting and scheming...

What a lovely day! The perfect weather to be in the garden...

So yes, a coffee, biscuit, book and a sketch book. Trouble is, from my wife's point of view, I also had a tape measure!

Yup, the book, Nick Trudgeon's inspiring volume had me sketching out a plan and visualising the line gently curving and twisting through a rockery style border.

Now I've got some more measurements I can knock up some track plans on my Mac Railsoft track planning software, ideally I want the longest loop I can fit on but there are some constraints. It would be good to get a pair of then in if possible, to maximise play value.

Just day dreaming at the moment mind... As I think 2012 will be the LGB Trainset and a German hand made kit, so no money for the track for this layout!

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