Sunday, 9 September 2012

Better Blauturm photos (nearly finished)...

Definitely on the home straight with the Blauturm Faur Lxd2/L45H now - and since Friday's photos were taken indoors I thought I'd take advantage of the lovely weather this afternoon and take a few more snaps outside.

Jobs left? Painting the bogie sideframes black, and fitting them. Fitting the couplings and brake hoses. Fitting the LED lighting (if I can be bothered - it is going to be a faff). Fitting the light covers. Fitting the glazing. Weathering the exhaust. Firmly fixing the chip inside the body. Screwing the body and chassis together.

Not a lot really, just a few evenings work - and since I should be at the EJ&KLR on Friday/Saturday I should really make the effort this week!

(and anyone who is wondering if I've glued the Faur on one of the bonnets too high, they're like this in real life!)

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