Tuesday, 10 January 2012

In rememberance...

This time last year I received a phone call from my Mum telling me that my Dad had passed away that morning. The EJ&KLR was our last 'hurrah', a father, son (and grandaughter) project to bring us closer together. I never thought this time last year that I'd be sat hear writing about how I spent the day just playing trains on my own on an established and settled garden railway.

From EJ&KLR in rememberance

So a quiet, reflective and personal day. One that I had to do on my own. A garden railway should be shared, but at some times it's just nice to be alone with your big toys and just sit back and enjoy watching the trains go by...

Enjoy the photos.

EJ&KLR in rememberance

Keith David Hilton - 25/6/1942 - 10/1/2011

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  1. James,
    A good 20+ years now since I got the equivalent telephone call. Suffice to say one never forgets the call, but rejoice in the memories of the good times. Enjoy running your trains.