Wednesday, 11 January 2012

In search of realism...

Model railways are a wonderful hobby... What other offers such variety - from planning, research, building a layout, modelling scenery, rolling stock, buildings - and to that weathering, kit building, scratchbuilding - the list goes on and on. I enjoy most aspects - particularly the early stuff (planning and research) and the modifying of models either through refurbishment, conversion or just simple repainting.

Then throughout this whole spectrum runs photography.

We search and aspire to realism, but if we cannot then photograph a model in a way to satisfy our aspirations then it can be very frustrating.

The advantage with a garden line is natural light, the disadvantage it chunky track, overscale ballast and other scenery. However I think it's mostly down to composition. All these photos have been modified in iPhoto (made black and white, adjusted contrast, exposure and shadows) - but it's not the trickery that has made them successful, it's a combination of a good angle in the first place (most of these I had to lie down to take) combined with a complementary cropping out of background distraction and foreground blurring.

I hope you readers enjoy the photographs of the finished product as much as I do building - and most of all running it.

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