Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Blauturm bodywork and bits...

Two exciting parcels arrived today, the first containing the Massoth XLS and Visaton speaker, excellent service from Garden Rail Outlet with some custom CV tweaks to the V51 sound chip and a very competive price. Still expensive, yes, but somehow the kit seemed to cry out for top quality sound...

Somewhat cheaper but again excellent service from Express Models for the 'warm white' LEDs sourced for the headlights.

Work on the Blauturm body has progressed substantially in the past few days as well. First up I sprayed the cab interior with primer, as this would have been quite difficult with the roof in place. Then the roof was glued on and the lights and top panels glued and shaped roughly with a needle file. Tonight I roughly shaped the top panels before filling all the gaps with Superfine Milliput. I'll smooth, sand and file it to shape tomorrow evening, and the whole model might be in primer by the weekend.

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