Thursday, 21 June 2012

LGB are you listening?

The German 750mm lines have been represented in the LGB range for many years by the excellent and popular IVk mallet. With the forthcoming release of the Saxon IK in the range I wonder if we might see more models in the future?

If sales are strong then I think the Saxon VIIk 2-10-2t (and the VIk 0-10-0t it was based upon) would be an excellent choice.

Both models could share the same chassis, cab and detailing parts, and the 2-10-2t were also exported to Bulgaria for their mountain 750mm system, meaning there are plenty of livery variations for future releases.

Obviously not a simple locomotive to design but the continued success and presence of the Harz metre gauge items in the catalog show that expensive models do sell...

And what of the EJ&KLR? Yes, we'd definitely save up, I live the chunky looks and think that in the Bulgarian livery with the eastern European logo on the smoke box etc they are very distinctive and I could do a custom version, despite the lack of gradients or long trains on the line!

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