Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Blauturm progress...

Well the Blauturm (www.blauturm.de) Lxd2 kit is really starting to come together now, I've finished most of the chassis details and have been working on the body side louvres. These are quite fiddly to get set at the same angle and I wanted to show mine slightly open.

I've used white superfine Milliput on the ends to produce the smooth rounded edge, they'll need a little bit of extra work once the body is glued together but it was easier than trying to smooth just the stepped cut plasticard.

In the bits box I found two LGB couplings which just clip and screw straight onto the buffer beams. The boxes behind the buffers are packed full of weights to be fitted before I glue the fronts on.

I also found a pair of centre buffers from a spare set supplied with my LGB 'standard gauge' roll-wagen load open wagon. These were perfect, a slight adjustment with a file to the base to fit and cutting off the rear clip with a razor saw, I'll superglue them into position when the buffer beams are painted.

So I'm pretty much ready to now assemble the bodywork!

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